P&E Boarding Kennels offer a wide range of services for your pet.


All animals are housed in comfortable, clean, individual kennels. Pets from the same family can share a kennel as these kennels are spacious and offer freedom of movement. The beds provided for dogs are specially designed for comfort, and can aid arthritic joints in older animals. The cattery also boasts individual comfort, and is spacious enough for family cats to share.

Boarding charges are as follows:-

Please contact us for pricing for other animals.

Day Crèche

This facility offers pet owners the comfort of knowing their pets can be cared for during the day while they're at work. Doggy Daycare runs from 7am-7pm and costs €15/day. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Pet Taxi

This service is available to pet owners, who for whatever reason, are unable to deliver or collect their pets to and from the kennels. The service requires advance booking and costs a flat fee of €20 per pick up or return.

We operate our Pet Taxi with Type 1 Animal Transport Authorisation from the Department of Agriculture.

Home Services / Dog Walking

This service allows your pet to be cared for in the comfort of its own home. This involves daily visits for feeding and cleaning, with the option of exercise also. For booking and full details, please contact us.

Charges are as follows:-

Pet Grooming

A range of grooming packages are available to suit each individual pet. This service requires advance booking. For full details, please contact us.

Second Chance Pets

Further to boarding family pets, we also help to rehome rescued animals. Please contact us if an animal needs rehoming, or you would like to provide a home for such an animal.